A powerful revolution that continues with you. From our high quality and eco-friendly options, including a biodegradable with Eco CO2 Control & UV Protection Fabric. Sustainability is not an option anymore, it is the only way to preserve our beautiful planet. Know that with each purchase you are aiding resource preservation and consuming responsibly by leaving a smaller footprint.

Eco Fabrics

Amni Soul Eco® represents a major advance sustainable for the entire textile industry , thus contributing to the maintenance of the environment for future generations.

It is 100 % biodegradable and recyclable,  can decompose 50 % in one year, and completely dissolved in three years. 

The fabric dispenses softeners and derivatives in their wash, dry quickly and do not need to be ironed ; saving both water and energy.


RAFAELLA AMARA is proud to partner with a supplier who
provides fair wages and a safe workspace for women in Brazil. We support the Fashion Revolution Movement and all pieces are 100% Brazilian Handmade.

With the utmost respect and care for people, as a woman founded brand with a facility operated by talented women.


Packaging is another important aspect of sustainability at RAFAELLA AMARA. Our suits are packed in reusable velvet drawstring bags.


RAFAELLA AMARA is a proud peta-approved vegan company that turns fabric leftovers into beds for sheltered animals. This is a close to heart mission to our founder Rafaella who grew up in Brazil and saw many dogs and cats in need on the streets. As an animal lover, giving back no longer felt like a desire – but a personal responsibility.


The Amazon River, coveted pink-hued sandbanks, countless exotic
species possessing undeniable patterns and textures.

RAFAELLA AMARA is a brand that puts the environment and its
resources first. Leaving a positive impact behind for generations to
come. This vision is brought to you with sustainability, women-
empowerment and one-of-a-kind products made from the finest fabrics.



AMARA by definition: everlasting, grace and immortal.

"Everlasting love, carried by grace and making eternal memories with

each hand-made design. Just as nature flows seamlessly, my wish for all customers is to feel empowered from within to follow whichever path they are led to.”